How To You Butcher A Deer

Hunting a deer for game meat may be a good idea if you are headed out for a hunt. However, it is just the beginning, and there are other steps that you need to follow before you can enjoy the fruits of your hands.

How To Butcher a Deer Properly Game – Expert Reveals

There are a handful of facts that you need to know to make butchering a deer easier for you.

You need to be knowledgeable in the anatomy of the deer. After that, there is a set of instructions that you must follow to succeed.

The process begins with skinning the animal, followed by field dressing and gutting. Finally, you need to clean it appropriately and ensure it remains sanitized.

The tools that may be essential when processing your deer include a skinning knife and a bone saw that are very important when you are out in the field to dress the deer.

To make things even easier, opt for the outdoor edge. It is a handy utility knife set. The gambrel is important if you prefer to hang up the deer while skinning.

A game bag is also useful as it makes carrying the game easier. The regular sealable plastic bags are used to put in the organs that you would like to eat.

How To Field Dress A deer?

When you go out hunting, you need to be aware on how to field dress a deer because you must field dress it to ensure that you preserve the meat and avoid contamination.

It helps to make sure that body heat is lost quickly and hence preventing bacteria from growing.

This process is preferably done before the deer is brought in from the field. The tool that is often used is a hunting knife.

On the other hand, there are some individuals, who may opt for an axe or a saw. Ensure that you have a pair of rubber or surgical gloves with you.

Here is the procedure you need to follow when dressing a deer.

Deer Hunting

  1. Ensure that you tag the animal
  2. If you would like to use the tarsal glands in future hunting escapades, then you must cut them off.
  3. Cut off the mammary glands on a doe and the penis on a buck.
  4. Once you locate the pelvic bone cavity, you must cut around the anus and then parallel to the pelvic bone.
  5. Separate the anal tissue from the pelvic bone using your fingers and knife. Tie off the anus with a string to prevent the meat from contamination.
  6. Cut through the centre of the crotch.
  7. Pierce the deer’s skin and the abdominal muscle wall directly above the pelvic bone or you could cut under and up to the ribs avoiding any penetration into the stomach.
  8. With your knife positioned upside down, cut from the crotch to the sternum.
  9. Move away from the top of the pelvic and saw down the middle of the pelvic bone until it breaks.
  10. Pull out the contents of the pelvic bone contents.
  11. Saw through the sternum and free the diaphragm from the rib cage. Simultaneously, cut the diaphragm with your knife.
  12. Cut the windpipe that is located above the heart. Grab the heart and throat and pull out all the internal organs.
  13. Finally, let the fluids in the deer to flow out.

Before you perform any other procedures on the deer, you need to give it some time to age. Aging is the process whereby the enzymes that naturally occur in the meat break down the muscle collagen.

This process is crucial to avoid your meat from becoming tough. The explanation is simple; when the deer dies, it goes into a state of rigor mortis whereby the muscle contract and become stiff.

However, the enzymes make this easier since after 24hours; they have completed breaking down the muscular collagen.

Aging should be done in temperatures ranging between 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an ideal environment for the enzymes to eat up the collagen while bacteria remain dormant.

How to Gut and Skin a Deer

It is important to know how to skin a deer. It is a frustrating ordeal to have hunted a deer, and you cannot handle it.

No one would want to waste such an incredible delicacy. Here are a few tips and procedures on how to skin the deer effectively.

You must ensure that the equipment to use on the deer is ready before going out to hunt. Hang up the deer by its neck as this will make the task less strenuous.

Make a cut around the neck and begin skinning the animal from there down to the chest. Cut gently ensuring that you do not cut into the red meat. You can now start skinning the hide away

The procedure on how to gut a deer is not complicated. It is urgent that you consider this step if you plan on eating the loins.

After all, it is the tenderest part of the game meat which is the inner loin is approximately 12 inches long, and it is positioned alongside the deer’s backbone until the hips.

These organs are sensitive, and when exposed to air they easily dry out.Tips on How To Butcher A Deer

How To Clean A Deer?

Cleaning a deer is ensuring that your deer remains with no contaminating substances such as waste. Additionally, it involves keeping it clean as you dress and skin it.

Finally, it means keeping bacteria at bay. Cleaning it means that anything making the meat not worth consumption is eliminated.

For instance, a knife can be used to clean out a deer since all the organs are just about carved out of the animal’s body.

A good kitchen knife is also an important tool to have when cleaning out the meat. It is sufficient when it comes to making fat trimmings, removing the hide and cutting up the meat.

Having a kit with several knives and tools that help you in handling the deer is convenient since you have everything in one place.

Ensure that your meat is stored in a cold area or frozen if you plan on keeping it for a longer period. Finally, there are various recipes that you can use to give you a finger-licking palate.