Rescue Knife

A Rescue Knife is also known as a tactical knife. It has several differences when compared to the regular knife. To begin with the rescue knives are designed in a way that makes them easy to use and carry around.

These knives can perform a number of tasks including being used in combat situations. In other words, this is one of those tools that needs to work and protect you at the same time.

What is A Rescue Knife?

A rescue knife with a glass breaker is a partially serrated re-curve blade that is ready to cut into anything.

This knife has a glass breaker that is inbuilt. The breaker is made of carbide and is connected at the end of the aluminum handle that has been anodized.

Due to the Trac-Tec grip-tape, the handle has a firm grip when in use. This rescue knife has a Speed Safe opening mechanism a 3.7inch blade and weighs 4 ounces.

Which Brand matters?

Gerber rescue knife

Benchmade rescue knife is simple but elegant as well. The Benchmade brand is dedicated to making folding pocket knives of various shapes and sizes.

The Contego is one of their knives that can be classified as their best rescue knife. It has an axis that is originally designed to withstand up to 800pounds of pressure without giving in.

There is carbide on the pommel that can easily go through glass as easily as a brick does.

The blades on the Benchmade knives are made of the hardest material; CPM-M4 steel that has a62-64HRC rating.

This steel does not become dull, chip or develop nicks. Its edge can cut through saplings, hides, bones and wires making it a definite must-have because of its durability.

The handle is textured with G-10 making it easier to switch quicker. However, the Benchmade brands offer knives that could cost you an arm and a leg.

Spyderco rescue knife are commonly known as the self-defense knives. These knives are made for combat whereby the users can even fight to death if they have to.

This rescue knife has a blunt end making it ideal for people who must used them in small spaces without harming other humans.

In this case, these rescue knives are the best for people like the firefighters, EMT and even the submarine commandos who have to work in confined spaces.

The Spyderco works well for them since it is not easy for them to stab.

The serrated edge is best for cutting through ropes as the wavy backside is used to grip it while the serration cuts the rope.

When opened, this knife can be about 8 inches long and half that size when it is closed. The cobra hood gives your fingers guidance all the way to the metal cap that is used for deployment hence, ensuring that you do not fumble.

This knife comes with an alert whistle as well as a glass breaker. This knife is the best for saving people. What more could you need from a rescue knife?

rescue knife belt cutter

Smith and wesson rescue knife is an expertise tactical gadget. It is highly functional for combat and self-defense.

There is a safety belt cutter that is inbuilt in the handle as well as a glass breaking pommel. This rescue knife can be equally useful without having to open up the blade.

The 440C stainless steel makes up the 4.4-inch blade. It is incredibly sharp with a split to divide a serrated part that is used for cutting rope as well as a smooth tanto tip.

The tip has a saber grind while the handle is made from smooth and textured aircraft aluminum.

Spyderco Rescue Knife

Fixed blade rescue knife is one whose blade is permanently attached and cannot be folded in. there are quite a number of these rescue knives such as the Smith and Wesson rescue knife, the Spyderco is a fixed blade rescue knife as well.

These knives are firm making the reliable and safe as it helps prevent accidents from occurring.

The Spyderco is another fixed blade tactical knife of high-quality. It has the ability to withstand high pressure without giving in.

The blade is long with high carbon stainless steel and weight of 7.4oz. all the same, this durable knife has the disadvantage of the price.

Rescue knife Kershaw is a brand that has produced the best rescue knives that are on the market since the year 1974.

This company has come up with several types and designs of the tactical knife hence, it is highly preferred. For instance, the EDC Pocket knife and the Blurr are the best kind so far.

Although the company is based in Kai, some of the knives are manufactured in other countries including the USA.Spyderco Rescue Knife

Rescue Knife Reviews

Many first timers want to hear varied opinions of different rescue knife users . The users air out their thoughts on different knives giving their experiences too.

It is agreeable that there are certain features that a rescue knife must have to make it sufficient enough.

For instance, a knife must have a certain design that determines what it can do. The purpose of the knife is also a determinant.

The size, materials and the handle also play an important role when it comes to picking out a rescue knife.

The design of the blade cannot be overlooked either. There are other features that depend on the owner such as a fixed blade knife or a folder knife.

Finally, the knife must be easy for the owner to carry depending on how he prefers to carry it.

With regards to the Kershawa Blur Glassbreaker blade, it has an inbuilt carbide glass breaker. It is not very cheap but it is affordable.

It is also small and lightweight making it easily portable. This knife has a lifetime warranty hence, making you aware of its durability.

The SOG E37SN-CP Seal Pup Elite is a good knife that the Navy Seal treasure since it can do a lot and it is strong and has an ability to endure harsh conditions.

This knife has been rated highly as it can easily clean out the inside of a kill.

These are just but a few reviews of the rescue knives as per the opinion of the users.