Survival Gear List

When you go out on a hunting or camping trip, anything could happen and you could end up in a difficult situation whereby instead of enjoying yourself, you are going through each day trying to survive.

In this case, you need to be prepared. Being caught off-guard is not interesting and it makes the situation tougher than it really needs to be.

You, therefore, need to have a survival gear checklist that will ensure that you carry the right tools.

Here is a list that could be highly helpful to you out in case of such a scenario:

  • Ensure that you carry a pocket knife; the Benchmade Adamas is a good suggestion. A bushcraft fixed blade could also be a good knife to carry along as well since it is strong and could help you in clearing bushes and possibly hunting for food.
  • It is crucial that you have a source of light. You could opt for a lantern, a flashlight or a flashlight. Better yet, emergency candles could be handy.
  • A bag or a backpack is a great idea since you need a way to carry your tools easily without leaving anything behind. Some suggestions include the EDC bag, a hiking bag or a bug out bag.
  • A multi-tool is crucial as well since it has a variety of tools to it and it is easily portable. The Leatherman Wave Multi-tool could work amazingly for you.
  • Duct tape is also important. It can be used to keep a lot of things together. From any breakages to an injury that may require staying sealed until you get to a medical facility.
  • A water bottle is an ideal way to stay hydrated easily without too many complications. You could also choose to carry a water bag but they easily get punctured.
  • A sleeping bag could be practical to make it easier for you to get some shut-eye.
  • A poncho can keep you warm and cuddly in the case of adverse weather conditions.
  • You also must eat while trying to get to safety, therefore, a fishing rod and line, a slingshot, a pellet gun and binoculars are must-haves. Additionally, you could have a little non-perishable canned foods, hard foods and energy bars to keep you going.
  • A tent, a tarp or a bivy sack is essential for shelter.
  • You cannot overlook a medical and first aid kit. Some of the medicine, that you cannot leave out are; Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol icy and influenza and anti-histamines among others. The first aid equipment includes a sewing kit, quick clot, wound dressing, Iodine, and 50% alcohol solution.
  • A compass, GPS and maps are important to ensure that you are on the right track at all times.
  • It is crucial that you have a way to communicate to the rest of the world. A walkie talkie or cell phone is essential. A satellite phone could even be better but it is for more extreme situations. A shortwave radio can also go a long way at communicating.
  • There are certain tools that help others to know your actual position such as a whistle, a flare or a signaling mirror.

What Would Be A Good Survival Gear List?

The wilderness survival gear list is more or less similar to the one above. You need most of the items to ensure that you stay alive until you get to safety.

In the wilderness, you still have to eat, stay hydrated and get rest to ensure you do not burn out before you get to help.

Additionally, you need to keep yourself safe and warm. At night, you must keep away wild animals and at the same time have the ability to see.

In this case, you need a hydration or water system, a hunting gear with knives, saws and axes.

A kit that takes care of shelter and warmth, such as a tent and poncho, would also be a great help to keep you out of the cold.

Do not forget the first aid kit as well as a source of light.

As a hunter, you are not assured either, accidents do happen. The survival hunter gear list pdf  will be crucial.

To begin with, you need a system that allows you to light a fire. In this case, you could have a lighter, matches or a fire-steel.

Fire will help keep away predators at night. Additionally, you need items that could help in self-defense.

Wilderness Check List?

In other words, weapons that include; knives or firearms. The close combat or tactical knives that allow you to defend yourself from close would be ideal but throw knives are also helpful if you have a good aim.

So the end of time is just around the corner, this makes it a big deal to have a zombie survival gear list.

After all, no one loves to be caught unawares with their pants down. The living dead are not easy to destroy and this means that besides the weapons, you need to go into hiding to recuperate before heading back out to war with these creatures.

Basic Survival SuppliesWilderness Survival Gear List

First of all, you need a backpack for your items. It is best to choose an appropriate size that fits all.

The items to include in the bag are fire starters, cooking gear, food, hydration systems, medical supplies, rope, lighting systems and protective gear.

When trying to get through such an ordeal, you may need some entertainment and here you could have a pack of playing cards.

It is also vital that you include some way of getting through to news. Even with all this, you cannot forget the firearms.

Survival Gear

There are several survival gear stores that you can get the tools that you may need for your survival gear.

These stores are available physically as well as online. The online stores give you the chance to look through a variety of tools and kits and choose those that suit you and impress you the most.

However, the online stores are convenient if you are already decided on what tool you need.

You can make your order online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Every individual has their idea of an ideal survival kit hence it is best that you actively per take in making your own.